Jack’s hair is fun to draw:)

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  1. Ana Badra

    I like his “shocked” face :D

  2. DSHigsby

    …………hehehehe play my cards right and we can get a better shocked look from him btw love this story so far and you will be getting some fan art work from me soon

    • Jade Griffin

      Hi there:) Recognize you as a fellow Selkie reader:) We’d love to have some fan art! And welcome aboard!

  3. PinkE

    I <3 Jack…. and the anime/manga style drawing you've adapted with him is great. Keep up the excellent work.

  4. Reikomei

    *laughs* Oh man I love what you said on your DA page about this… (It’s the cocky face that gets me.)

    Argh I get too many ideas from this.

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