I did these head studies of the characters to get a good feel for their variable expressions. Miss Muffet’s head study was a great way to see if, as TB said, she’d look best with dark eyes and fangs. He was totally right:)

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  1. PinkE

    Love the fangs. They are too precious for words. Miss Muffet is adorable. And I’m arachnophobic lol.

  2. Stonefoot

    So, 5 1/2 years later….

    Miss Muffet reminds me a little of Selkie. It’s mostly just the dark eyes, though I have to say that Selkie would probably be less ‘put off’ by Miss Muffet’s ‘dietary preferences’ than most of the characters in Shards.

    (aside: I was following Selkie until I fried my motherboard in May 2013. Now I’m doing archive dives. From Selkie I saw a number of interesting and thoughtful comments from Jade Griffin and followed her link back here. That’s the same way I originally found Selkie.)

    • Stonefoot

      I have a Gravatar, but it didn’t show up. What went wrong? :-(

      • Jade Griffin

        I can try and look into that. Do you log in any particular way or through anything in particular?

    • Jade Griffin

      Yay for finding us! Boo for fried motherboard:(

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