Haha:) I like using “kilt” for killed, in case you didn’t get that’ what was going on. Well, let’s see. I apologize for both the rougher look of this strip as well as no incentive for a small time. Having my computer crash meant I lost my best art program:( It’s a bit of a change going from Adobe CS5 back down to Adobe 7.0. Eventually, I hope to climb up to the creative suite level again but for now I must accommodate and see if I can play with the brushes again to get that nice clean look instead of the fuzzy look I got using the pencil tool of all things. Hm.

As for the voting incentives, I am trying to do a piece for the great cause of Japan Needs Heroes. Now it boasts a forward by Stan Lee as well as having several established, PUBLISHED, comic names involved! Hurray! So I will attempt to get it done this week, along with the next strip and see where I’m at for time to maybe do the incentive as well.