When does the strip update?

We currently post new content on Tuesdays and Thursdays with occasional holiday and bonus stuff announced if given enough time for reason to bypass insane creativity:)

What’s this comic about?

“The brothers Grimm, having discovered the magic mirror, told it to reveal stories of the past for them to collect and become famous authors. One of the brothers got bold and asked the mirror to show them stories of the future so they might steal ideas yet to come. The magic mirror imploded, shards falling inward like cards in a deck, landing in the old tales. The ancient and the modern collide in…


Grimm fairy tales are back.”

Shards is a super hero webcomic. Our super heroes and super villains are all fairy tale or story characters, some very silly, others legendary, but they’re all super! We are currently in a “Journal” mode and less on the actual “comic strip” type format but will soon return to strips. The journals make certain side stories necessary for the next arc (Chapter 4) go by much faster, so catch up on the read and get ready to roll into Chapter 4!

Who are you guys?

JG: As in who does this webcomic? I go by Jade Griffin online. I’m the artist and writer. I have no professional training and I haven’t even seen a class for sequential art offered anywhere near my town so all of what you see is based on what I pick up from reading hardcopy comics and webcomics plus a little self-study. I’ve been drawing for a very long time, using an ipad as a drawing tablet and I excel at single subject pics. As for me in particular, I have a great love of dinosaurs, cats, writing, drawing, Disney’s Gargoyles, Disney’s Gummi Bears, and of course my family.

TB: I’m Trevor Black. I hatched this idea; my wife is rearing it. This idea is a joint incarnation thought up on the way back from a trip to California in 2007. This comic is special to both of us and we hope you like it. As for me, I’m a geek and a gamer.

What’s with the prologues at the beginning?

JG: They are an important part of the story! The prologues show you how the characters were before the mirror broke and, in many cases, you get to see the change that takes place due to the shard influence. Don’t look at them as breaks in a continuous story but padding to the current plot.

Why isn’t the comic in color?

JG: While drawing is fairly easy, I am still struggling to cut down the time it takes to make a whole comic strip (approximately 3.5-4 hours). Also, color is seen in the comic in certain places when it has importance. Every main character has a color associated with them, as seen on their bio page. Look for little bits of color because it usually pertains to the individual associated with it! Colors appearing in the comic denote something special and that needs to stand out to the readers.

Why aren’t Dorothy’s slippers red?

JG: “The Wizard Of Oz” by Frank Baum has Dorothy wearing silver slippers, not ruby slippers.

TB: The ruby ones were added in the film to stand out tremendously and take full advantage of technicolor. True story.

Why is the website address “56shards.com”?

JG: There are fifty-six glass mirror shards that the heroes need to collect in order to repair the magic mirror. I debated putting “56” in the title of the comic but have yet to do so. We just call it “Shards”. Why the number 56? Because in a pack of playing cards there are exactly 52 normal cards and 4 Joker cards.

If those are mirror shards, why do they look like cut up playing cards?

JG: How else can you tell the shards apart? In the beginning, this was a d20 system roleplay campaign. Players would pick a pregenerated character and, out of a deck of 56 playing cards (4 Jokers), they would draw a card to see what shard they’d go after. It’s been playtested a bit and is a lot of fun. Plus the idea is freakin’ awesome!

Wait… Shards started as an rp campaign?

JG: Yep! If you like the webcomic, you’ll LOVE being able to play any of the main characters!

TB: If we get a good following, I might be coerced into posting the newer rp campaign stuff in an Extras section.

Can I put a link to your site on my page?

JG: Absolutely! Here are three banners you can use!

If you want another size, just email me. I have more in a variety of sizes.

Please use this address for linking:

https://56shards.com OR https://56shards.com

Can I put one of your pictures on my site?

JG: I don’t mind too much as long as you provide a link back to us. We worked so hard to bring it to you. Also, let us know if you do!

Do you take commissions?

TB: I don’t draw. Ask the artist.

JG: I do take commissions, and I would be willing to do a pic trade, depending on the artist. I am also more than willing to do a strip swap or guest strip for other webcomic artists, providing I have the time. For more art by me, go see my DeviantArt page.