Shard Dusts are what we call shorter 1-2 page story sketches. They are all canon and are sometimes referenced in the main comic or journals. Think of them as little extra story bits which go into the normal flow of the story but were missed because I may have not had the time to do a full inked strip of them. And, as sketches, I can get them done a bit faster, usually. Enjoy!

Shard Dust 1: January 14, 2015

Shard Dust 2: January 15, 2015

Shard Dust 3: February 12, 2015

Shard Dust 4: May 1,2015

Shard Dust 5: May 16, 2015: “Fixing Bad″

Shard Dust 6a: May 17, 2015: “Breaking The Fourth, Pleading The Fifth, pt. 1”

Shard Dust 6b (aka S.D. #7): May 18, 2015: “Breaking The Fourth, Pleading The Fifth, pt. 2”

Shard Dust 8: January 14, 2015: “Power Pooper”

Shard Dust #9: March 21, 2016: “All In Your Head”

Shard Dust #10: Jan-March 2018: “Little Secrets, pt. 1”

Shard Dust #11: March 12, 2018: “Little Secrets, pg. 2”