June has been a busy month but before it is up you will all have some more extra content to peruse. I’m scanning right now the character sheet and powers of Velvy, as promised. This will appear in a new section called “RP Content”. Velvy’s is the only one we have plans to show at this point but it is to spark interest in the origin of this webcomic– a roleplay campaign that we have developed a system around. I’ll leave all the details to TB. I’m only the web guru, artist, writer ;P.

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Chapter 2 has officially begun with the cover page posted today. Thursday will continue where we left off and the story flows uninterrupted. We look forward to showing you more of the characters seen on the cover of Chapter 2 and on the 1 Year Anniversary pic, as well as the next excursion to collect a shard! Twelve of the voting incentives I’ve used so far are now found in a new Gallery called Voting Incentives up in the menu bar. The Characters/Heroes page is updated to include a new bio and pic and the last will soon follow. As I go on vacation for a week and a half, I didn’t want to leave you just with strips to look at so the new voting incentives are all set to go while we’re gone as well as the strips and the promised content. Enjoy:)