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Name: Alice

Age: 12 years old

Demeanor: Friendly, tenacious, and good.

Origin: “Alice In Wonderland”

Shard/Location/Color: Two of Hearts / embedded in her right arm / Blue

Abilities: Agile and powerful with her electrified baton whips, Alice is a melee fighter with some reach. Her visor is equipped to sense any detectable spectrum or class of object but limits her view to whatever she’s requesting to detect. Alice is also in possession of the White Rabbit’s pocket watch, which can stop time and make it appear as if she teleports.

Weakness(s): Alice’s chief weakness is her addiction to the EMDM solution (a.k.a. “eat me/drink me”). She must have it or become a slavering lunatic that will hallucinate and waste away. The EMDM was created by Dr. Muffett and he is the only person who refills Alice’s particular “prescription”.