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Name: Cinderella, Cindy, Ashenputel

Age: 21 years old after the shard influence

Demeanor: pure and kind to pure and kind things. Easy to offend.

Origin: “Ashenputel”, “Cinderella”

Shard/Location/Color: Queen of Diamonds / worn as a necklace / White

Abilities: After retreating from her story (with the help of Goldie) to Mother Goose and Dr. Muffet, Cindy’s abilities include her natural ability to call animals through song, to heal, and to use the patches on her cloak to summon whatever is pictured on them. She has the ability to alter the “feng shui” around her in order to provide a change in luck to anyone around her. Animals find her irresistable and will sacrifice themselves for her.

Weakness(s): Cindy tends to get emotional when her animal friends expire in battle. When she is stressed, she cleans — non-stop. Cindy’s relationship with Goldie is … complicated.