Name: David

Age: 14 years old

Demeanor: Devoted, natural born leader.

Origin: The Bible, the Quran, and various other ancient holy texts.

Shard/Location/Color: Jack of Clubs / carried in David’s ammo pouch around his waist / Purple

Abilities: David is a natural leader and can easily spot the weaknesses of anyone. David is an excellent harp player. He is also a crack shot with his sling. David has an unlimited supply of ammo as long as the shard remains in his pouch. The harp charges the ammo with various energies based on what chord David plays on the harp, and whether the chord is high or low. The five strings of his harp produce the following energies: thunder and lightning, fire and cold, necrotic and radiant, acid and poison, psychic and force.

Weakness(s): David is on a holy quest and can sometimes be blinded by the future he’s foreseen.