Name: Dorothy

Age: mentally 10 years old (prior to shard interference), physically 16 years old (after shard interference)

Demeanor: Good to a fault, naive.

Origin: “The Wizard Of Oz”

Shard/Location/Color: Four of Hearts / Toto wears the shard in his collar / Gray

Abilities: After the influence of the shard, Dorothy found herself a conglomerate of herself, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, and the Scarecrow (shown at right). Thus combined, Dorothy has the ability to call on three alternate forms of her usual conglomerate self: Tin-Dorothy, Lion-Dorothy, and Scarecrow-Dorothy. Tin-Dorothy is a protector, Lion-Dorothy is an agile combatant, and Scarecrow-Dorothy manipulates using illusion. Dorothy conglomerate is support and can provide healing to other people. Dorothy herself is in control of only the conglomerate form. When one of the other forms is out, the dominant mind is that which appears: Lion for Lion-Dorothy, Tin Man for Tin-Dorothy, and Scarecrow for Scarecrow-Dorothy. Toto, after having the shard integrate with his collar, changed from a tiny black Cairn Terrier into a two-headed Doberman. One head breathes fire and the other head breathes ice. Dorothy may also, in conglomerate form, use her silver slippers to teleport wherever she concentrates on, but she must be specific.

Weakness(s): All of those personalities insider her make a lot of noise and can be distracting.