Name: “Blue Fairy Godmother”, Fairy Godmother/Blue Fairy/Angel/Glinda

Age: OLD

Demeanor: Good to a fault

Origin: “The Velveteen Rabbit”, “Cinderella”, “David & Goliath”, “Wizard Of Oz”, “Pinocchio”, etc.

Shard/Location/Color: This character has no shard of her own and is directly influenced by Mother Goose.

Abilities: This character goes by many names and is a shape-drifter. That is, her appearance changes dependent on who is perceiving her. To Velvy or Pinocchio, she appears to be the Blue Fairy. To David, she is an angel sent from God. To Dorothy, she is Glinda. Though her abilities vary slightly depending on her form, she above all else is a game-changer. Her arrival heralds a change in the flow of the story, no matter what story that is.

Weakness(s): Fairy Godmother/Blue Fairy’s chief weakness is that she doesn’t control a shard. She does whatever Mother Goose tells her to do, whether she feels it correct or not. She has a great deal of empathy for her fellow characters but she is not allowed to act unless Mother Goose allows, or unless it is part of her own story.