Name: Goldie, Goldilocks

Age: 22 years old after shard influence

Demeanor: Um … Not very nice, desires anything “just right”.

Origin: “Goldilocks”

Shard/Location/Color: Three of Diamonds / struck and stuck into her left hand / Yellow

Abilities: Goldie can become invisible, and when she does she is virtually undetectable. She can also obscure sound around her to a point so exact that people don’t even notice the dampening effect. Goldie is well versed in martial arts and assassination techniques. She has high perception and can detect when things aren’t “quite right” around her. She wields Excalibur, which has changed to dagger size while in her possession. Because Excalibur has bonded with Goldie’s abnormal radiance of hair, she is able to fire beams of golden light and it can’t be taken from her while she lives.

Weakness(s): While Cindy tolerates Goldilocks, none of the other heroes currently like her. This, of course, excludes Velveteen who will be friends with anyone. Her biggest weakness is the fact that, after stealing Excalibur from King Arthur, Merlin cursed her hair to glow bright gold. Her hair must be tucked in under her mask if she hopes to turn or remain invisible. If even one strand is free, she is completely visible and emits an almost blinding light. Goldie is also something of a kleptomaniac (can’t help taking things which don’t belong to her) but only keeps things which are “just right”.