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Name: Hansel and Gretel, though they will answer to Hanstel for simplicity’s sake.

Age: prior to the shard, Hansel and Gretel were 7 years old. The split shard they found transformed them. Gretel grew to a hulking adult size of approximately 18 years old but her mentality is closer to an infant. See Abilities. Hansel is very small though presumably 18 years old physically. His mentality is beyond most adults so it is hard to pinpoint a true age for him.

Demeanor: Hansel is condescending. Gretel is a dimwit. They are always ravenous and are therefore gluttonous.

Origin: “Hansel and Gretel”

Shard/Location/Color: Two of Clubs / shard was broken in half and wound up wedged in the teeth of Hansel and Gretel / Brown

Abilities: Hanstel is comprised of diminutive and hyper-intelligent Hansel and the giant super-strong Gretel. Hansel has a telepathic link with his sister, who was rendered nearly mindless after the effects of the shard took full effect. Hansel is a tinkerer and can create nearly anything from his bag of tools and materials which Gretel lugs around effortlessly. Gretel is incredibly powerful but controlled entirely by Hansel, hence the name “Hanstel” to refer to them both. They are as one entity generally. If Gretel is hurt, Hansel can use his telepathic link so Gretel can ignore pain.

Weakness(s): Hanstel has a near insatiable appetite. Dr. Muffett provides Hanstel with food that sates them for a period but it is difficult to keep them focused when food is around. They cannot resist candy of any sort. Also, if Hansel is rendered unconscious, Gretel will simply stand about and do nothing.