Name: Humpty Dumpty

Age: Adult, despite being an egg.

Demeanor: Eager to help out and pay back any kindness.

Origin: “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall…”

Shard/Location/Color: Joker 1 / sits in the middle of his cracked forehead / Orange

Abilities: Humpty can change his size from that of a normal egg to as huge as a house anytime he wishes. He has limitless regeneration and can use pieces of himself in whatever manner he chooses (as in a hurled weapon).

Weakness(s): He does tend to leak… Humpty is also in constant pain, for the shard did not repair him. It merely reassembled him. To aid with the pain, Humpty is sometimes seen smoking a special blend of herbs which Dr. Muffett has mixed together for him.