Name: Miss Muffet

Age: 8 years old

Demeanor: Deranged but innocent, has a limited conscience.

Origin: “Little Miss Muffet”

Shard/Location/Color: 8 of Spades / struck her spine and is lodged there / Black

Abilities: Miss Muffet is much larger than a little girl due to the augmented limbs her daddy, Dr. Muffet, gave her. The shard entering her story struck her spine and paralyzed her. In order to allow his daughter to walk again, Dr. Muffet gave her six brand new mechanical spider legs. Miss Muffet can move fairly fast and can walk over people’s heads and crawl up walls. Her spider legs are deadly if used as piercing weapons.

Weakness(s): Miss Muffet did not take her new legs well and went a little mental. She also has a hard time telling good from bad, both in people she encounters and in making her own decisions. This includes whether or not to harm people.