Name: Mother Goose

Age: Elder

Demeanor: No-nonsense.

Origin: Unconfirmed

Shard/Location/Color: Joker 3 / Mother Goose has both the 3rd Joker shard and maintains the Magic Mirror frame, which is where her shard sits / Green

Abilities: Mother Goose is a story-giver, a portal user, and a seer. She is an ambiguous person who often looks like a goose wearing a shawl or perhaps a kind, elderly woman in early period clothing. As a story-giver, she has always been aware of every tale that has ever been and will ever be. This means she has in-depth knowledge of every story and story character. However, the shards that infiltrate various tales have also changed and even at times corrupted the characters she is familiar with so what she can give as intell often comes out garbled in the form of a rhyme or rhyming clue. This can be frustrating to the heroes sometimes but it isn’t something Mother Goose can correct unless all shards are back in the mirror. As a portal user, she can open a portal to any story or tale she chooses. Mother Goose can visually send a telepathic message, literally writing words into the air, to guide the heroes on their missions.

Weakness(s): Her greatest weakness is that she cannot leave the general vicinity of the magic mirror since it shattered. Also, she must rely on Dr. Muffett and his technological expertise in order to locate the shards. She’s a story-giver, not omnipotent.