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Name: Geppetto, Papa

Age: 56 years?

First Appearance: 6/16/2016, “Three Heartstrings Of Gold” 18: Velvy’s Journal, Pg.4

Goal: To give all of Scrooge’s gold away


Shard/Location: King of Spades / Pinocchio’s chest

Abilities: Geppetto only wanted the best for his boy and was able to use his good-natured ways and clever use of loopholes to at least present the illusion that Pinocchio was a real boy.

Weakness(s): In the end, Geppetto could not convince the Blue Fairy to turn his puppet into a real boy so he trapped her and that left no room for mercy from the Heroes. The shards, according to Geppetto, were equally his weakness stated, “They do what they want.” This intriguing theory that the shards may have an agenda of their own may eventually lead the Heroes down a new and dark path.