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Name: the Skeiries, a.k.a. Skeleton Fairies

Age: ancient… and undead

First Appearance: 3/17/2012018, SHARD Dust #10

Goal: ?

Status: Ally

Shard/Location: shard dust / glamour

Abilities: Little is known so far about King Blackwing and his fellow Skeiries aside from the fact that they are undead skeleton fairies and they appear to be allied with Mother Goose.

Weakness(s): They do not like humans at all. They in fact hate them which can be both a detriment to their alliance with Mother Goose and a weakness to the heroes in general. King Blackwing and the other Skeiries are aware there are humans at the Library and require their meetings with Mother Goose to take place only when humans aren’t around.