I’d like to thank everyone for reading the comic. Your support and feedback have been great so far and we hope to wow you in the new year as the story picks up pace. Trust me, Shards has a LOT of story! We hope to be bringing you Shards for a long time to come. One day I could even do a novelization of it, as I’m also a writer. All that is way ahead of myself. We’re in need of a lot of new readers. While we appreciate each and every one we have, we do need more if you want to keep seeing Shards improve. You see, I crave an audience! Must… have… audience! So if you haven’t yet or know someone else who hasn’t, get them to like us on Facebook! I sent messages to all my FB friends to get them to like me and they make up the bulk of our “likes”. It’s time to spread our wings, get some fresh likes, because Facebook is one of the greatest networking and advertising tools around. If nothing else, I’d like to see 75 people like us by year’s end. That’s only one more person! If ONE MORE person gets us liked by December 31st, 11:59PM, then I’ll post a special celebratory pic:) C’mon! Incentive! Weee!! Oh, and don’t forget to vote DAILY on Topwebcomics up there on the upper right hand side. That’s more free advertising for us!

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