1.) New concept art posted in the Concept Art gallery!

2.) I added a more simple set of buttons to click to help vote for the comic on the upper right. Topwebcomics.com works perfect. Um, the Webcomic List is something we are on but not even I can figure out how to vote on my own comic. Suggestions?

3.) We have now got ourselves on Twitter! I guess I should use it more than this blog but… eh. I’m sure I’ll use Twitter more when we are big and famous. Name be “jadegriffingarg”. Tried to get “jadegriffin” but it was taken by some other chick. Blah. Why use my online name instead of something like “56shards”? Well, after attending about 10 years of Gargoyles conventions, most of the people on Facebook and Twitter who might know me may not know I do Shards, no matter how much I use FB to pimp it LOL. So, yeah! That’s why:)

4.) We now have people viewing us who live in Brazil (Ana, is that you?), Russia, Japan, Mongolia, South Africa, the Czech Republic, Serbia, and other similarly geographied areas. Thank you for the support!! We really appreciate any and all views, and hope you like us as much as we like you spreading the word about how awesome we are. Heh heh:)