Okay so things have been happenin! First of all at Coming up Violet Jade has done some cute guest art. Check it out and check out the webcomic. The comic’s artist, Misty, has been having some serious problems with bacterial attacks and needs some well wishes.

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We are growing and we’re growing FAST, people are really loving Jade’s renderings and we’re now only 22 facebook likes away from our big bonus posting! Just a reminder of what you get:
1. An oh so shmexy of one of our unintroduced heroes (There are only 4 left for the main cast!)
2. A bonus update once a week on Friday or Saturday of the hero’s prologue.
3. An RPG character sheet + powers of the hero!
4. The addition of the character in the bio section.

Have to reiterate here this character is SO CUTE….kinda….and SO CUDDLY….maybe….and directly inspired from our cat! NO its not a cat, nor does it have anything to do with cats! Wanna see? Well 22 more facebook likes and you will! *EVIL LAUGH FOR SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION!!!!*