Apologies for the next few weeks as I gain a technological upgrade and have to keep working with an old computer and sub-par programs to crank out Shards. Today’s strip, for example, had the program wig out on me so I published it as-is. Gonna post the slightly updated and fixed version so you can read all the dialogue right now. So what’s been causing all this fuss?

Well, TB just helped me buy a new computer today from Dell. It’ll get here in a few weeks, with my new Adobe software coming mid-June it looks like. For the price I got it for, it’ll be worth the wait. What does this mean? That I’ll be working harder to get more ahead on Shards just in case there are complications with the switchover from old to new computer. This also means that you will be seeing the not-as-good strips for several more weeks. I even did my Japan Needs Heroes submission on Adobe 7.0. Now, there’s nothing really wrong with that version of Photoshop. I just think my version has a glitch because it keeps opening up the stupid internet every other time I select a new color from the palette… And that can crash my poor old computer. So now ya know what I’ve been working with, you might forgive any delays of a few hours in the strip as I fight with my computer:) Now, on to playing get-ahead with Shards!