So last night, shards got a little role playing in. The characters played were Dorothy, Alice, Jack, David, and “Mr. Yet to be Named.” “Mr. Yet to be Named” got kicked out of the party so that Miss Muffett could come in due to…..conflicts of interest ;)! I think all of you will feel very sorry for “Mr. Yet to be Named” when you find out who he is. Cause he’s our 100 Facebook like bonus content character! That’s right! For those of you that don’t know, we have a standing deal that once we get 100 Facebook likes we will post a new character, his prologue, his roleplaying character sheet and powers, a pin up, and it will all be EXTRA CONTENT! Thats right you’ll get your standard updates + extra updates until the prologue is done!

We’re only 5 Facebook likes away people! Get your friends to like us! Word of mouth is the best way you can thank an artist that posts stuff for free :)!