Hurray for Shards achieving the “100 Facebook likes” milestone! As mentioned before, we’ve got some fresh Shards character gravatars for the commenting portion of the site. Thanks to David Bibb for the request of doing gravatars. Now for the real treat…

For supporting us and helping us get to 100 likes on Facebook, as promised we are going to be putting up the character sheet, character page, gravatar icon, extra sketches, and one extra strip a week to introduce the last Shards hero starting on this Friday, June 3rd. He is being introduced before the full cast intro but we are so eager to show him to you, we’re using him as the reward for helping us achieve our milestone. Most of this will be put up within a week of this post so keep looking for these announcements and I’ll tell ya what’s new and been put up!

Shards has been around for nearly a year. I’ll do an extra drawing or two to mark the actual date but I wanted to point out two things that are changing a bit around here:

1.) Dorothy in conglomerate form shall appear in grayscale from hereon out if I do pin-ups, posters, or colored strips. Makes sense, and there’s a reason behind it, never fear:) It’s already been changed on her character page.

2.) Miss Muffet is getting a new dress. Look forward to a strip introducing a slightly altered look, or keep voting for Shards to see some of the dress designs. One is currently up but will be replaced on Thursday so don’t forget to vote! Do so ever day!