Wow, that title sounds like a B-Horror movie:) For this strip, we did a cameo shot of one of our favorite webcomic characters: Selkie! Go check it out if you haven’t already. Yes, I added another more famous cameo if you’re looking close but the one of note is the title character, Selkie. She’s the girl with the dark hair and the fish on her dress. Dave, who does the whole “Selkie” comic, posted on his site this momentus occasion. Not only is this the first webcomic cameo character to appear in “Shards” but it is a first time for “Selkie” as well!

Don’t forget that Friday is the final installment of the extra content strips: The last prologue of Velvy. It’s already up and scheduled to go. I have my new Adobe CS5 Photoshop software and am a bit ahead. If I keep up the pace, I’ll be good to go for adding all the extras I have planned for our 1-Year Anniversary. That time already? Yes! June 25th. Mark your calendars! Ha ha:) It’s a Saturday but I’ll be adding extra content for that day so keep yer eyes open!