Well, folks, today’s Friday strip marks the end of the extra strip content, and the end of the Velvy prologues. TB is still tweaking the rp sheet for Velvy but as soon as he’s done, it’ll be up to show you what we’ve been working on at the other half of Shards: The rp campaign system! Oh, and don’t forget there’s a new voting incentive: Miss Muffet in a new dress design. She will get a redesign but I think I’ll go with the one that was the incentive earlier. Easier to draw, although this one shows more details. This one looks like blood will stain it easier… Yeah.

The 25th of June is our One-Year Anniversary. I’ll be adding some new content like all the current incentive pics, Cindy and Goldie and their online character pages, and a commemorative poster. Currently up is a “Bad Guys” section under “Characters” on the main menu. I list a few but the only one with a link is the Candy Man, but only because we haven’t seen the other opposing factions yet:)

I wish I had the commemorative poster done in time to be approved for Comicon but it was not to be. What was approved was a little flier to be put on the Freebies Table at Comicon. Yay! We hope to stir up some new readers, and fans, that way. Would have gone to the con ourselves but it sold out faster than we could blink! Some good friends will be down there helping us promote Shards by wearing t-shirts with the commemorative poster on it so be sure to keep a look-out!

The last David prologue goes up on Monday. That leaves two more hero prologues left. At least, of the ones I had planned to do. Who knows? Maybe in the future of the comic, there will be one of Mother Goose, the BBW, or some other “bad guy” I haven’t revealed yet. Only time will tell.