Well, folks, decided I’d get in my 1 year post before Jade. She’s got more important stuff to say than me so I figured she should be on top :)!

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Its been a year. A long gruelling year for both Jade and I. We’ve come across a lot of hardships as a family, couple, co-creators, in our work. Our “light at the end of the tunnel” has been this comic strip and it is an unbreakable glue that has kept us going throughout these tough times.

In this year I just HAVE to point out, that Jade has never once been late or missed a strip; in fact, Jade has posted extra strips and pin-ups regularly. I’m sure that most of you who browse webcomics often notice that authors, due to lack of time or life, tend to miss their scheduled updates every now and then. Jade has stayed up late, passed up fun and family time, and kept the promise we made to each other when we started this strip, “We will not miss an update.” For a free comic, I think we all know what an accomplishment this is.

So I implore all of you, to show your appreciation for Jade by getting us into the top 150 on Top Webcomics in July! Not for any reward from us, not for the promise of extra strips, but just as a thank you to Jade for being professional and keeping her artistic integrity throughout this year! In order to get us into the top 150 you will need to come back frequently and click the Top Webcomics button. You can do so once a day! If 20 of our readers do this every day we will almost assuredly get into the top 150.

Lastly! Jade is pregnant with our second child. The Doc thinks it’s a boy, but it’s still a little early. The actual due date is 11/11/11!!!! And no, we won’t miss a strip that week either! Thank you all for being such loyal fans. We really do love your comments and appreciation of our work. It’s the best compliment any artist/creator could ask for!