The strip was about a half hour late today. Been working on it for four days but I didn’t get to brush up the last bit until 11pm tonight due to our cat gettnig out and then getting hit by a car and having to deal with that. We took the cat to the vet and she is okay for now. Fingers crossed that we won’t be footing a huge bill for reconstructive surgery or an amputation or anything… Things happen but the comic persists:)

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The voting incentive is pushed back a week because of similar busy chaos but if you haven’t seen it due to not voting, please go vote to see a full color pic of Dorothy Conglomerate with Toto. It was one of four pics used in a t-shirt design someone may have seen worn at Comicon. And don’t forget to check out the link for Selkie to the right. Miss Muffet had a cameo last week in two strips! Thanks again, Dave!