And the winner of the “name that character” contest is…. Kotih! The winning answer was “Sweeney Toddler”. See, we told you you’d giggle at the pun! NekoDanger was very close with the guess of Sweedy Todd.

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The character of Sweeney Toddler is a combination of Baby New Year/Father Time (because Baby New Year becomes Father Time through the course of the year) and Sweeney Todd (the avenging story character who is older than Dorothy’s story). I won’t reveal too much but the character does not belong to any faction that we know of at this time. He is like the Candy Man. Every now and then a character is just out there for themselves and not trying for a greater good, or greater bad. That being said, Sweeney Toddler is not on the side of our heroes. The neat part is that, even with friends and fans knowing the identity of this opponent, our RP session still has tricks to keep you guessing along the play;) We look forward to showing the story to you, but there are a few others to get through first ;)