Apologies for just a partial sketch for this Thursday’s enjoyment. My sister had her twins on 2/22/2012. It is my grandmother’s birthday, and it is now theirs. I am also designing a website (a paid gig!) as well as whatever else irl pulls me away from drawing for you all. I’m trying to get back into 2 strips a week and will continue to try and do so. Also, I have been toying with some new stuff. Just little things for now but there is a new look to the Opposion page.

Chapter 2 is soon to end. We have at least all of chapter 3 figured out on what to do. It may prove to be a longer chapter than the other two. Maybe even longer than the two of them combined as the ball starts to get rolling on further character development and the introduction of new faces in the Shards world. So stick around and join us for more, coming soon!