I’ll be on vacation from June 29-July 15 and am looking for a little padding: guest strips, guest pin-ups, etc. Anyone with any interest whatsoever may submit and it will be published here! Yes, here!! All submissions will be reviewed on a humor/story basis andd not artistic skill so don’t be shy. We will likely post anything anyone sends us because we appreciate anything anyone is willing to offer. Here’s the stats:

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Deadline: June 28, 2012, midnight EST
Entry type: anything PG and under goes! We’ll review anything!
Size: We use a resolution of 75ppi and a size of 600pixels wide x 826pixels high but something equivalent will work. Has to fit in our comicbook/page format of taller than it is wider.

So, submit freely and often! If not, I will have a lot of sleepless nights doing just pin-ups because they are faster than strips and I may not be able to post strips as normal on my vacation. Help!