Well, we’ve had a few site issues lately due to our unsteady web host, DreamHost. Not sure what their issue has been this year but the site has been down at least three times that I know of this year. Eh. Anyway, we’re back up, and we’ve reached our first goal! $40 has been earned and a brand new extra strip is due for you all. I was sketching the first strip for the “Rumplestiltskin/Snow White” story arc when TB mentioned that perhaps you would like to see just more of the current story as rewards for the donation rally, instead of starting a brand new story arc. Opinions? I’ll look for your answers for a week and then present the new extra strip. Feel free to keep donating, too! Every new set of $40 gets you an extra strip. We just need to decide if you want a new story arc or just to get me to put out strips faster in the current storyline.