Well, I am still working on the strip because the deadline for the SnafuCon art contest was tonight and I couldn’t pass up submitting something. I was going to do an awesome pic of Icarus because the theme is sci-fi/space but I went for something I sketched at last year’s con instead. I don’t know if I can show what the pic is until after the con but just letting you know that is the reason I can’t get a strip out by tonight. That and it is because of the con prep which I will be squeezing in all month — extra art, printing all the pages of Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 because I’m so behind in that!, designing buttons for this year YAY!! If this happens again (a delayed strip), I will be putting up a sketch if nothing else, and not of the strip to come! Something new! I plan on finishing my Icarus sketch and put up the Red sketches I have in the works. Did Dorothy as a My Little Pony over the weekend, as a sketch… Yeah. I got plenty of sketches to show ya!

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Yes, in that blurb there I mentioned I’ll be designing some buttons. Probably the 1-inch size. I’m starting the merchandise small and see how stuff sells. Depending on the response at the con, and here if you guys want merchandise, I can add a store to the site.

I have the next 3 days off and plan on making a GOOD archive, updating some other things around here, getting AHEAD of the strips again, and of course finishing the inks and shades for the Donation Rally strip “Rumpled Snow 1” :) Here’s to gettin’ busy, and ahead! Because in October… Yeah. That’s my overdrive month. So there’s the update!