Arno and Beedoo!> Forgive me for not posting this up earlier, and for not providing a link to your webcomic earlier.

A little backstory: Jade Griffin is a character created to display my persona online in the Disney’s “Gargoyles” community which has bled over into nearly every aspect of my net activity. I encountered many very good people in the fandom whom I keep in contact with today. I have met in person many of them by attending the “Gathering of the Gargoyles” as often as I could. Two such good people are Beedoo! and Arno. Beedoo! hails from Arizona and Arno from Holland. To highlight their adventures, they started a webcomic starring their online personas: both of which are dragons. They even did a post about Dovahkiin.Please visit them and enjoy them as I have:)

I have permanently added Arno and Beedoo!: Sitting in a Tree to my site in the links bar and, again, I don’t know why I didn’t do this over two years ago. Better late than never, and at least before your wedding, guys!