I am back from SNAFU Con and it was loads of fun. Got several commissions which I do on the spot and met quite a few people who I hope are now reading our comic. Feel free to comment away! I love to know when people are reading and I hope you enjoy Shards!

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At the con, I made a few new things this year which I will soon be adding to the Extras and Store. If you were at the con, you got a sneak peek. If not, don’t worry. It’ll all be up in the next two weeks or so, in case you want to order something for Christmas.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by my little section of the table. It was awesome seeing people come up and say they already read the comic. Yay! And don’t forget to share Shards with friends, neighbors, countrymen… You get the idea. Spread the love! It’s what Velvy would do.