Things are going very well. We did not roleplay the session last week which has given me a little more time to ensure that everything is set up. We will be re-doing one of the first adventures I did with the shards characters. Its not one that we’ve put in the comic, but I’m going to reset the characters to their original power level and see how my “leveling” system works after the adventure.

So I won’t get to do the adventure I really want to do, BUT I will get to see how things are turning out. Most of the characters are finished, but I’m dreading making Dorothy, she’s always been so complex :). I’m especially excited about this version of Cinderella. I’ve always felt that she had flavor, but was never on the same power level as the other characters.

So things are going well. I don’t have the content ready for the site yet but I’m VERY excited about this whole thing. The Numenara system seems absolutely perfect and I’ve had to make only the slightest tweaks to make it all fit in. So if you’re interested in this type of thing keep a watch out :).