A bit incapacitated due to my stomach today. I will post the next one on Tuesday. Sorry for the delay:(

In the meantime, here is an excerpt from the novel I’m working on:


Alice blew out a lot of frustrated air. “Why do I want to leave? As soon as I got here, I was told I went mad because I have magical particles of glass in my blood, I’ve been frozen in time, you just said the library is a thinking being and won’t let me out, and, to top it off, that spider girl attacked me! Why should I stay?”

“A valid point, and true it be.
I answer this: For you and she.
Miss Muffet even now does search
To say ‘I’m sorry.’ from her perch.”

“I don’t want to hear it! She’s… she’s vicious!” Alice yelled. “This is ridiculous! Just get me out and I’ll find my own way back to my story.”

Mother Goose’s eyes arched high at the black-haired girl’s sharp words. She sighed, inclined her head in agreement, and said,
“Very well. I’ll let you take wing.
And bid Library open wide
But to call her a vicious thing
Shows much of what YOU try to hide.”