Name: Jack (also known as Jack be Nimble or Black Jack)

Age: 26 years old

Demeanor: Cocky, self-important blighter who admires devotion.

Origin: “Jack Be Nimble” and certain tales of Black Jack the English pirate.

Shard/Location/Color: Jack of Spades / his shard is wedged in the bottom of his right foot / Red

Abilities: Jack can on command create and hurl fire or fireballs from his hands. When he’s angry or overeager, parts or all of Jack will appear to be on fire. Jack can also leap great distances, a natural ability heightened dramatically by the shard stuck in his foot.

Weakness(s): Jack’s own fire doesn’t hurt him but bring him too close to something else aflame or otherwise combustable and the reaction is very explosive. Given this, Jack tends to stay away from fires he doesn’t create with his body.