Name: The Velveteen “Velvy” Rabbit

Age: ?

Demeanor: Absolute loyalty embodied in a toy needing to be truly loved.

Origin: “The Velveteen Rabbit, Or How Toys Become Real”

Shard/Location/Color: Joker 2 / located where his left button eye was / Pink

Abilities: Velvy is new to attaining his shard but so far he can converse with any non-living object (rocks, doors, etc.) and appears to feel no pain. Velvy exudes an uncontrollable disease aura which constantly surrounds him. It also follows him and kills anything it touches. Only those he considers friends and carry a shard seem unaffected by the disease, though the icky goo he trails does leave a mess. He might subconsciously control the aura. Due to his loyal nature, Velvy is incapable of harming anyone he considers a friend or ally. This disease aura is a weakness as well as an ability because it keeps him from attaining that which he desires most: to be completely loved and accepted.

Weakness(s): He is mildly afraid of fire (but not Jack) yet his chief weakness is a desire to be loved and accepted which is so strong, he unwittingly kills things he touches in his quest. This makes anyone and anything living want to stay as far away from him as they can get. Velvy’s other weakness is his inability to fully comprehend his disease aura. This may be linked to his inability to control it.