Name: Daedalus, “Dae”

Age: 53 years old

First Appearance: 6/7/2012, ch.2 pg.81

Goal: ?

Status: Not Confronted

Shard/Location: 2 of Spades/ unknown

Abilities: Extremely intelligent and inventive, Daedalus originates from Greek myth. He created the labyrinth which housed the Minotaur. He and his son were imprisoned when he told someone the secret of how to escape the labyrinth. To escape, he fashioned feathered wings for he and his son, Icarus.

Weakness(s): Daedalus cautioned Icarus not to fly too high or too low but the boy did not listen and the sun melted the wax holding the feathers in place. Icarus plunged to his death… or so the original story went;) Needless to say, guilt weighs on Daedalus’s mind. What else? Time shall tell.