New voting incentive up! It’s the Candy Man in color this time. I love his gotee. Hee hee! Hope you like it. Also, there’s a new pic on the Characters section under Dorothy’s page. She’s seen in her full color Dorothy Conglomerate form! Soon I’ll be finished with each colored version and have an animated gif that will rotate between all four forms so you can see them all on one page.

Some links are being taken down for a little while as I try and entice more readers with clickables to less risque locales. Namely, I want to get a flier on the freebie table at San Diego Comicon. Can’t go myself this year (even now they are sold out!) but at least Shards can go! Yay! As long as the people in charge approve the site and the flier. Will keep you posted.

I’ve had some query on Jack and his lack of action. Well, it may be due to me still picking up really good action poses and putting action together, or due to his naturally aloof attitude when it comes to combat, but I’ll see what I can do:)