I just found out yesterday that my art website, Jade Griffin’s Art Gala, is no longer accessible or even existent. Um, I have the whole thing always on my computer and saved any changes/updates there before uploading to the site — a trick I learned through bad events/losses from some free sites years ago. So, I may move it to Dreamhost.com, or I may simply just put stuff on DeviantArt. After 2 years, I never received a single art commission. Eh… I did put a lot of work into the site’s construction so I may put it up eventually but my high priority is keeping up with Shards, cranking out more fan art to help pimp Shards, looking at any potential cons, plus my daily life stuffs. Also, got a call for a job interview! In science! Yay! :) Never fear, I shall continue to do Shards, loyal fans, if in fact by some hope in this bad economy someone desires to hire an out-of-work creative scientist. So we’ll just see what we’ll see and not worry about it, k?