Had my job interview today. Seemed to go well:) Today’s strip was a little slow in coming due to my daughter still being clingy and not 100% well so if anyone noticed, I wanted to say it wasn’t because I may be getting a job. Not sure exactly what the future holds but you are still getting 2 strips a week plus incentives.

Speaking of incentives, I’ve got one up this week that’s all Alice. Some of the upcoming incentives will be concept art because I’ve been wanting to show you what the Shards cast originally looked like when I did the very first designs in 2007. Thank GOODNESS we changed Jack’s design before we introduced him! LOL. (Oh, and all incentives will eventually end up under concept art.) All of the Shards characters have gone through some revision, some of them heavily and others just a little thing. Noticeably, Alice’s front changed a bit: the watch instead of the two buttons seen on her character page that I actually still have to swap out LOL. A new character is about to appear and, after having a friend over who is more an expert on him than me, she recommended he have a harp with him. He currently carries a staff. Now TB wants the staff gone instead of him having both. I get it. Scarecrow Dorothy has a staff, too, if you’ll look on the most recent strips (the staff is actually the vertical pole used to hold Scarecrow up). Two characters with staffs/staves are redundant in a way. Besides, the new character is more of a ranged fighter/bolstering person. Any guesses on who he might be?