Sorry for the delay of the voting incentive. David in color is the reward this week.

So we’ve introduced a new character a little early — in the St. Patrick’s Day strip. The infamous Cinderella makes her appearance! Also, the legendary David arrives on-scene. Yes, it is the David of David-and-Goliath fame but you may not realize that his story is much bigger than that and that he spans multiple religions and is a legend in many cultures; including Jewish, Christian, and Islamic beliefs.

I understand it might be a little risky adding in a character to Shards with such strong ties to prominant cultures around the world but our version of David in no way exemplifies or puts down any of the others. We actually rebuild him as the boy-man and leader that he was believed to be, with flaws like anyone else. Just because God picked him out doesn’t mean he was perfect ;) Perfect people are no fun in stories anyway. So please be kind and don’t throw a fuss. We hope you’ll follow along as we add more characters– not just those of fiction and rhyme but of legendary note as well.