Hi, Shards readers! We few, we happy few! Heh:) Well, after some consideration, I’ve decided it’s time to pull the plug on this farce. We will not be doing Shards anymore.

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. . . . .

Not until after the April Fool’s Strip tomorrow:) So please join us in the celebration of all that is wrong and false and check out tomorrow’s special strip! (No we are not closing shop. THAT was the April Fool’s part, a day early. I repeat, Shards is NOT being canned!)

Hope you enjoy tomorrow’s strip, and today’s incentive, which is David’s harp. I thought it’d be neat to take a closer look at it. Our version on the left (the one with purple on it), the model I found for it on the right.

Also in Shards news, another comic by a world-renown artist had an art contest and my art is up if you’re interested in seeing some other stuff I do. Go visit the art page to check it out! I did the three cartoony kitties at the bottom. They were all kittens I had at one time so I entered them in the contest:)