Wow, this posted to the comic instead of the blog. Oops! It’s fixed now! Comic now visible on the main page again!

Thanks for the comments on the new logo. Glad you guys like it, and even noticed! :)

I think I’ll be moving the voting incentives to Fridays. Hope that’s okay! I’m kinda testing if it helps our numbers or not. We got 52 people viewing the site yesterday. Well, we have 96 Facebook likes. I know some of you read the comic in bulk bits and that’s fine but I wonder if those low numbers on a new-strip day means we’re losing some readership…

It is renewal time for our web host. If you’ve ever considered donating to our little cause, now’s the time. We’re all strapped for funds, I know, but I just wanted to remind everyone that we have a donate button over there on the right: Humpty wavin’ his dislodged arm. Hey, if you don’t care for Humpty, the next person to donate gets to pick who’s the next charity case! That’s right! Whoever is next to donate some kinda cashola amount to support Shards can tell ME who should be wavin’ the charity sign:) Hey, it’s new art!