Hey, all! Just wanted to say we really appreciate the response we’ve gotten so far in our request for donations. I know times are tough so even seeing a few bucks trickle in is appreciated greatly. You know who you are! I’d name names but I dunno if you wanted to be singled out for being so supportive of our efforts. We just wanted to say a great thanks again and anything you can do to help is always welcome. Like spreading the word about this strip! We need readers! It’s taken nearly a year to get so close to 100 Facebook likes. Heck, I have almost twice that many friends on FB! I know. It’s lame that they don’t all “like” the comic on FB. I say shame to those who haven’t read us yet. Shame!

We hope to have a flier or at least a person or two in a t-shirt to help advertise Shards at San Diego Comicon. The tees will be made special for some of my friends who were lucky enough to get their admissions early. We can’t go:( I have been talking to one of the board members in charge of allowing publicity and they say they have a flier table. I’ve submitted one already. Still awaiting word if our site is PG enough for them LOL. I took out all the wangs, I swear!

The incentives are moved to Friday updates now. Today’s was a bit late as TB reconfigured my computer to accept our scanner so I could ink and color this week’s incentive. It is a sneak peek so check it out! Miss Muffet in a new dress design. TB thought she needed a little makeover. I might try a few designs and use them as incentives until that strip comes out revealing her new look. Feel free to tell us what you think of them as well! We’re also curious if people even LIKE the voting incentives. I received no feedback on them so far:( Bummer. Cuz I L-O-V-E hearing from you all!

Also with a donation received in the mail, we got a great letter from a fan. Our first ever! It was touching:) And it also cemented what we’re gonna do about our donation button. You asked for it, you got it! Soon to come will be a rotation of the Quadrate (Lion, Tin, Scarecrow, and Conglomerate Dorothy) beggin’ you all for spare change;P And check out the Gallery called Concept Art. Two new pieces in there so far!

Check ya later!