Although sales were a little meager this year, I had fun talking with everyone and trying my hand at My Little Pony art. Don’t be surprised to see Shards characters pony-fied sometime soon! Got in a few commissions which is always nice:)

I also saw Ippi there at the con. Nice talking with you! TB hosted a long Shards RP session that went well. Everyone seemed to be having a good time, from what I saw at my spot at Artist Alley. I pretty much did nothing but sit and draw, minus the 4-7 times I had to use the restroom. Being pregnant means I can’t hold it… Yeah. TMI, I know LOL. Anyway, I had a great time and if I saw you there, it was due to all of you. Seeing so many costumes/cosplayers made me feel at home and among “my own people” if you know what I mean;) Thanks for always making cons fun!

I cosplayed the first day as a kind of human version of Mother Goose, the second day as a random costume, and on Sunday as Dr. Muffet. I got a picture of it which is now on Facebook.