Today’s strip was posted at 2AM PST. I apologize for its lateness. October is a crazy month for me and moresoe this year. I have one more month until my due date for child #2, I’m working in a haunted house, and my buffer has dissapeared for the comics I had already done. However, nothing’s changed. I’ll be working on the next strips ASAP and hope to have them up and ready before their scheduled dates, UNLIKE today’s! So, apologies, loyal fans:) Also for the lack of fresh voting incentive. I must refrain from that for now until I can catch up on the actual strips.

As for the Yiddish, you’ll find that David will often-times use unfamiliar words. They ain’t familiar to me neither! I’m just an average non-specific background American. Today’s strip has him speaking a phrase I researched to come close to the meaning of “Dammit…” or “Dang it!”. If anyone knows any closer approximation to those, please tell me! I don’t want to get it wrong, but my sources are few and far between here in my small circle of friends. Hopefully I don’t sound like a complete rambling idiot at 2AM but I wanted to say if anyone points out any errors or non-appropriate use of a foreign language, I’d love to hear from ya:) Thanks!