Due to the overwhelming responses we’ve been getting (good and bad), I started another blog post. This one I hope gets quoted like the other did but I fear that has left the train– journalists like to rehash what someone else already wrote or talked about, no offense. Still, here’s to expecting more:

To all those who have voiced their opinions positively about our naming our son Dovahkiin, thank you for your kind words and support. To all who have voiced disapproval and scorn, I say only this: We were the bullied. We were teased in school, as many kids were, are, and shall be. But we never became what others wished to change us into. We didn’t conform for the sake of conformity, nor squash our true selves into oblivion (no pun intended). We saw something so special in this contest beyond the monetary and even beyond the fame. It was a statement: “I am me by choice, not by the design of others. I will not be shut down by they.” For those worried of the incessant teasing, don’t be concerned. We all get teased eventually and for nothing at all. Just like his parents, he will survive and even thrive in his own individuality.

As I stated in the other blog post, if in the end the name is too much, he has the choice of going by the middle name Tom, the name of my husband’s step-father who passed away a mere three weeks before Dovahkiin’s arrival. And when he actually reaches school age, what with people online able to call themselves/name themselves anything they wish, will this really be that big a deal for kids? We don’t believe so but only time will tell. And we will always be there for him.